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Led by Dr. Aaron Spitz, with offices in both Laguna Hills and Irvine, California, Vasectomy Reversal Read more: – About Vasectomy Reversal USA
Led by Dr. Aaron Spitz, with offices in both Laguna Hills and Irvine, California, Vasectomy Reversal USA helps men from all over the United States by providing the most effective microsurgical vasectomy reversal procedures. The success rates are among the highest in the country due to ongoing refinements of the most advanced microsurgical techniques as well as comprehensive male fertility care. Vasectomy Reversal USA provides personalized service, renowned clinical expertise, and a caring team that has helped many men overcome infertility and other urologic conditions, allowing men to confidently achieve their goals of fatherhood again.

According to Dr. Spitz's representative, Agent Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners, he is "a recognized and nationally acclaimed expert in the treatment of infertility and sexual dysfunction. His presence on camera is ideal, as he gives viewers a relaxed and professional feeling of confidence. Dr. Spitz's upcoming book, "The Penis Book" will be available for publishers' review in the fall of 2016. In addition, he will meet with networks at Realscreen in June, 2016 about his ensemble show concept, and shopping and retail channels for product distribution in 2017."

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Laguna Hills Residents Protest Cell Tower They Say Was Illegally Approved

Laguna Hills, CA – More than 100 upset homeowners gathered at a town hall in Laguna Hills Tuesday evening to protest a planned cell phone tower in their neighborhood that they say was illegally approved.

The residents say their homeowner association acted in bad faith by secretly negotiating with Verizon Wireless to erect a cell phone tower near their 900-unit community. Last week, the city approved the permit, they said.

“The [HOA] needed a two-thirds vote, they needed to send out ballots,” resident Maria Tagarao said. “Ballots were never sent out … It’s outrageous.”

The protesters are the latest in a long string of activists to protest cell towers in Southern California communities.

To draw attention to their cause, protesters hired a blimp lit in neon green, displaying a ticker that read, “Illegal land lease???”

Laguna Hills resident Larry Fleming said he hoped the attention would convince Verizon to reconsider the deal.

“We’re hoping that Verizon recognizes that the community is not happy with it,” he said. “Hopefully Verizon will find a way to work with the association and find a way to back out of this.”

Farmers’ market—was it the Old Towne Orange one? Irvine? Laguna Hills?

Laguna Hills, California – Some years ago, I was at a farmers’ market—was it the Old Towne Orange one? Irvine? Laguna Hills? Can’t remember—when I came across an empanada maker. A guy and girl chatted me up and gave me their card, and I bought a few. The empanadas were spectacular: golden crusts, awesome fillings, with knots stretching across each like the most elaborate angler’s loop ever created and a blindingly potent chimichurri on the side. I promised to get in touch . . . and I never did.

Cut to earlier this year, when I was walking down Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, ready to pig out at Penguin Cafe, when I saw a new business next door: Sergio’s Empanadas. Lo and behold, inside were the same empanadas I had enjoyed during my halcyon farmers’ market days—except now with more offerings. In addition to the traditional Argentine ones I had previously tasted, such as carne (olives, raisins and sweet ground beef) and prosciutto, there was a mushroom one (tart with shallots) and another that did a great impression of a chicken pot pie, the gravy inside steaming and sticky. The sweet potato empanada was too hippie for my tastes, but my wife ate it up as if it were a special at the Stand. And the dulce de leche dessert variety was the perfect finisher, oozing Patagonia’s version of caramel and freshened up with bananas. Discovering Sergio’s anew was a delight—as was finding out it also sells frozen empanadas, with instructions on how to reheat them at home.

Laguna Beach too far for you to travel? You can still buy owner Sergio Ciba’s empanadas at farmers’ markets—current spots are in Anaheim Hills, Laguna Beach and Laguna Niguel—but a trip to the mothership to get some fresh-from-the-oven empanadas, followed by a walk down to the beach, is as perfect an Orange County spring weekday as hitting San Onofre at sunrise with no surfers whatsoever.